ADAM DRAKE of Bristol in the State of Massachusetts who was a private in the Company commanded by Capt. (not given here), commanded by Col. Doggatt

Inscribed on the Roll of Mass. at the rate of $8 per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834.

Certificate of Pension issued Dec 1832

Arrears to the 4th of Sept. 1832 $71.97

Allowance ending 1833 23.99

Total $95.96

Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832;

- - - - - - -

Commonwealth of Massachusetts;

County of Bristol;

At a Court of Probate holden at Fountan? in and for said County on the twenty-ninth day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty two before the Honorable Hodijah Baylals, Judge of the Probate, &c. for said County, personally appeared ADAM DRAKE, a resident of Easton in the County and Commonwealth aforesaid, aged seventy-one years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress, passed June 7th, 1832 make the following declaration:

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers & served as hereinafter stated, to wit; under Capt. Matthew Randall whose other officers of the company or regiment he does not know, but it was with Gen Lovells' Brigate, again under Capt Matthew Randall whose other officers of the company he does not know, but in the Regiment commanded by Col. Doggett & Lt. Col Hathaway whose first name and the name of the major he does not know, again under the name Capt. Randall St. Godfrey Hack whose first names he does not know in the regiment commanded by Capt. Mitchell whose first name and those of the other officers of the regiment he does not know, again under Capt. Haskins whose first name and the other officers he does not know, again under Capt. Hodges whose first name he does not know and the names of the officers of the company he does not know and regiment he has forgotten, again under Capt . . . .

1. Where and in what year were you born?

Ans: That he was born in Easton in the County of Bristol & state of Massachusetts in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty one.

2. Where were you living when called into service; where have you lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you now live?

Ans: Always in Easton aforesaid.

3. How were you called into service; were you drafted, did you volunteer or were you a substitute? and if a substitute for whom?

Ans: The first time as a substitute for my brother (who is since deceased) the other times I volunteered or enlisted except under Capt. Haskins when I was drafted, my services were always in the state Troops militia.

4. State the names of the Regular Officers who were with the troops when you served; such Continental and Militia Regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service.

Ans: I served under Capt Randall the first time as a substitute , I went first to Warren whereupon my brother returned home and I remained with the company then & afterwards marched to Trenton in the state of R. Island & at both said places our company was employed in guarding the coasts from any invasion of the enemy from R. Island, this service was for one month. I entered upon it sometime in December seventeen hundred and seventy six in the month of March following I entered under Capt Wilburn and served in the same duty as before for two months in his company at said Trenton, in July seventeen hundred and seventy eight I entered under Capt. Leonard, we marched to Heivian ?? Ferry in said Liveston whence we crossed to R. Island on what was called Sullivan's expedition, we marched to the American lines near Newport for our retreat from the lines the night before the battle at Quaker Hill. I broke my gun by accident & when the next day our regiment was called into action, the orders were that those who were not prepared should remain behind. I had to get another gun but could not procure one, so I was forced to remain behind on Butler Hill a mere spectator of the battle, when the army retreated from the Island I marched in my company to Providence that State and then to Sandwich and Warren and served out the term to-wit: two months which we were engaged among the troops at Quaker Hill, I remember seeing Col. Blacks regiment in January seventeen hundred and seventy nine. I entered again under the said Capt Randall, we first marched to Providence then to Warnock both in the State of R. Island, where we guarded the coasts as aforesaid, and afterward returned to Providence and were quartered in the college; we served on this occasion three months in the month of March, following I was drafted into the company under Capt. Haskins and served six weeks therein. . . .this is telling entire stories of his service (not added here).

- - - -

Certification of Adam Drake's birth:

This may certify that Mr. Adam Drake, son of Mr. Richard Drake was born Jany 1st 1761 and is recorded in the town book as entered.

Easton, August 22nd 1832 signed by Jonas Lathrop, Town Clerk

- - - -

We: Luther Sheldon and Joel Drake residing in the same Easton hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Adam Drake who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to be seventy one years of age; that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

Signed: Luther Sheldon - Joel Drake

Signed: H. Baylies, Judge of Probate

- - - - -

6. Were you a soldier or an officer? If a soldier, did you ever receive a discharge from the service (torn) and if so, by whom was it given and what has become of it? if an Officer, did you ever receive a commission, and if so by whom was it signed and what has become of it?

Ans: I was a soldier always except at (torn) Hills under Capt. Randall when I was a drummer, I never had a written discharge.

- - - - -

I Thomas Danfort, of Morton in the County of Bristol & Commonwealth of Massachusetts aged seventy one years do testify & say that I am acquainted with Adam Drake of Easton in said County, that our acquaintance commenced in the Revolutionary army in the year seventeen hundred and eighty in the summer but the month I do not recollect. I had enlisted in a company commanded by Capt. Benj Bates in regiment commanded by Col. Abiel Mitchell and marched to Rhode Island when I saw said Drake a drummer in Capt Matthew Randall's company in the same regiment. I was also a musician and we met every day, we served together three months on Butt's Hill throwing up fortifications, and keeping guard, this service was called continentalwe enlisted as recruits for the continental army. Signed: Thos. Danforth

Subscribed by A Bassett Just. of the Peace Aug 20, 1832.

- - - - -

An Affidavit taken from another soldier and life-long acquaintance of Adam Drake's, JOHN LOTHROP of Easton in the County of Bristol & Commonwealth of Massachusetts. John was seventy-eight (78) years old when this affidavit was taken Aug 20, 1832.

- - -

Another Affidavit taken from SOLOMON LOTHROP who had known Adams Drake since he was a boy, he was aged seventy one (71) when taken which was Aug. 28, 1832. He also served in the revolution and had tour with Drake. March 29, 1998 to Drake-L