32.947 Kentucky; Albertain Drake dec'd of Muhlenburg County, Kentucky, who was a private in the company commanded by (not given) in the Revolution for 13-1/2 months service

Inscribed on the Rolls of Louisville at the rate of $45.00 per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831 & ending 14 November 1835; Certificate of Pension issued the 22d day of Nov. 1837 and sent to Geo. C Ames - Arrears to the 4th of Present?

Revolution Claim Act June 7, 1832; Recorded by A W Weightman, Clerk Book E2 Vol. 7 Page 12;

- - - -

Ruth Drake, decd widow of Albertain Drake, private in the Revolution Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of $45 to commence on the 4th day of March 1843. Ending 4th March 1847 Certificate of Pension issued the 22d day of Nov. 1851 and sent to Geo C. Ames,

Acts of March 3, 1843 & June 17, 1844 Recorded in Book A Volume 2 Page 179.

- - - -




Ruthy Collins after? wife of Albrittian Drake was born Nov. 12th 1765

John Drake was born May 26th 1786

Sophia Voluntine Drake was born January 5th 1789

Silas Drake was born Nov 4th 1791

Mosley Collins Drake was born May 5th 1795

James Perry Drake was born Sept. 11th 1800

William Drake was born December 14th 1804

Edmund Drake was born May 21st 1807

(Lewis Parker written at bottom on this)

Silas Drake son of Albertain Drake and Ruthy Drake he was born November the 4th day in the year of our Lord 1792 wrote by Silas Drake this the 29th day of July 1810.

Martha Wills was born December the 25 day in the year of our Lord 1791. (probable wife of Silas Drake).

Know All Men by these presents that I Silas Drake one of the children of Ruthy Drake deceased also the administrator of her estate, do by virtue of these Presents nominate constitute and appoint Isaac Trabue. . . . Silas has several long documents within this file. Not given here. No genealogical data as far as I could tell.

I will add a letter that was sent to: Mrs. Sallie Drake Isaac of Drakesboro, Kentucky - dated September 4, 1937


Albrittian Drake


Dear Madam:

Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War records of Albrittan Drake and James Drake of North Carolina and later, Kentucky.

There is no claim for pension or bounty land on file based upon service in the Revolutionary War of a James Drake of any southern state. The data given herein was found in pension Claim W.8676, based upon the service of Albrittian Drake in the Revo lutionary War.

Albrittian Drake was born in the year 1760 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina and lived in Nash County, in that state, at the time of the Revolutionary War; his father lived there also, his name and that of Albrittian's mother not shown.

Albrittian Drake enlisted about the time of the battle of Moore's Creek, served at various times until sometime in November 1782, exact length of service not given, as a private and Lieutenant under Captain Hardy Gaddy, William Avant (Avent), Clinch and Allen, Colonel's Long and McBane in the North Carolina Troops. During the period of his service, he was on an expedition to Moore's Creek, was one of the Nash County company of Light Horse which escorted the Governor of North Carolina to Fayetteville, was in frequent encounters with the Tories and was taken prisoner with his father in a skirmish, but was later released.

The soldier was married about the year 1785, Ruth or Ruthy Collins, who was born November 12, 17654; the names of her parents are not shown but she was reared in the same neighborhood with the Drake family. They moved about 1787 to Robertson County, North Carolina, thence in 1809 to Kentucky; they were residents of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky in 1832.

Albrittian Drake died November 4, 1835 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. His widow, Ruth Drake, died March 4, 1847.

The soldier and his wife, Ruth, had eight children, all of whom were living in 1851, shown as follows:

John Drake, born May 26, 1786

Sophia Voluntine Drake born January 5, 1789

Silas Drake born November 4, 1791

Mosley Collins Drake born May 5, 1795

James Perry Drake born September 15, 1797

Benjamin Michael Drake born September 11, 1800

William Drake born December 14, 1804

Edmund Drake born May 21, 1807

Silas Drake, the son noted above applied May 9, 1851 for the pension which was due on account of service of his father, Albrittian Drake in the Revolutionary War; he applied in behalf of himself and the other children listed above. The pension was allowed.

Silas Drake was a Minister in the Methodist Church in 1851 and had been for at least twenty-five years. Silvas Drake married February 11, 1811, Martha Wills, who was born December 25, 1791; their marriage is recorded in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

In 1851, the daughter, Sophia Voluntine was Mrs. Sophia Voluntine Alfred.

There are no further data regarding this soldier.

Very truly yours, A. D. Miller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator.

(ending here on Albrittain Drake)