Drake Connection
From: TutW@aol.com
Subject: Drake Connection
Date: Wednesday, 22 July 1998 2:39 AM

Hi Roy:

Thanks for posting my Francis Drake info on your page.  I received a note this
morning that I would like to share with you since you really deserve the

Reply-to:	Tom.Drake@brunel.ac.uk
To:	TutW@aol.com

Hi Barbara

I thought you would like to know that I am a member of the Drake family 
from Ireland, a descendant of the Drakes who lived at Drakestown in Co. 
Meath, where my father was born.

I have been trying to find the link between the Co. Meath Drakes and the 
english Drakes from Devon for many years. I knew it must have existed as 
the Coat of Arms is the same.

I have now found the link in the article submitted by you and I am so very 
pleased. Thank you so much.

You might like to know that the Drakes of Drakestown had their lands siezed 
by Cromwell and ended up as peasant farmers. My father was born in Athboy, 
not far from Drakestown in 1903.

Best Regards


Tom Drake
PC Support
Brunel University, Osterley Campus, UK