DRAKE lineage
From: Fitz Family

Subject: Re: DRAKE lineage
Date: Thursday, 11 March 1999 7:43 AM

Dear Roy,
   Looking back at Judy's E-mail, I would only mention the Drake & the Issac
Shinn that married Agnes Drake.  (The Skinner is not the one she wanted.
The Skinner was on my line with Drake.)
   Thanks for helping her out.
    Do you have any suggestions how I could actually approach the Historical
Society of Monmouth Co., New Jersey & have them set up a web-page like you
did for only for other surnames?
   I don't know if they would even listen but, searching in Monmouth Co.
would be so much easier if everyone could see the surnames & queries like
you present them!!  I'm sure you have spent years perfecting the system & it
requires a lot of upkeep.  I am new to all of this but I've found out fast
what works the best.
   Have a good day.
             C. Fitz