drake website
From: Katie (Blackmore) Gudgel
Subject: Re: drake website
Date: Wednesday, 5 May 1999 9:19 AM


Thank you for putting together and maintaining such a useful web site.  Yes, I
would be interested in placing both my lineage and a query.  However, the query
message below was more to help see if the Francis they were looking for was
related to my line, not that it was a person I was trying to research.

I will send you a separate query and lineage message to post.  What is the best
format?  Should I place the query and lineage in the same message or create two
separate ones?  Also, should the lineage be an outline descendant tree or a
register or NGS report?  I actually have at least the names of five generations
of DRAKES (four of which are my direct lineage).  I have seen both on your site.

I am willing to share the basic information (names, relations, dates, and
locations) for all my DRAKES.  However, a lot of the family stories, etc., I
would rather not place on the web.  So if I need to identify somehow that people
need to contact me individually for further information, I will add that to the

Again, thank you for the web pages.