Drakes in 1812 War
Date: Sunday, 20 June 1999 1:18 AM

Hi - my name is Ruthe White, and we have corresponded before. I had posted a 
message about George W. Drake, son of Jessamine Drake of N.Y.

Have used your site many times with great enjoyment, finding a number of 
Drake family groups that we are convinced tie into ours.

I just viewed the list of 1812 pensioners from NY and found James Drake from 
Elba, Genesee County.  Believe that he would be the brother of Jessamine.  
Jessamine and James both served in Churchill's Regiment.  Can you help with a 
source to get more information than is given on this list?  Didn't note any 
e-mail address for the person submitting the information.

Thanks. Ruthe White