Your DRAKE Family Web Page
From: John Stewart
Date: Saturday, 17 July 1999 6:55 AM

G'day, Roy:

How are things in Oz?  I spent several years in Alice Springs and learned to
love your country.  Had some great times and made some great friends there!

I congratulate you on a great web site dedicated to the DRAKE family, and it
is not only a great source of info, but you have done a remarkable job
artistically, as well.  Well done!

However, I suspect that your page at internet url:

is the source of the numerous e-mails I've been receiving lately from
various DRAKE family researchers.  You list my e-mail address
 at the bottom of the page.

I am not myself a DRAKE descendant and am not researching them per se.  I am
primarily researching the MANNING family, which had strong ties to the
DRAKES, however.

The information on this DRAKE & MANNING family page is indeed originally
from me, but some of it may not be entirely accurate any longer.  I believe
I shared this information a few years ago with the person you got it from,
and it accurately reflects my research at *that time,* but I had no idea at
the time that it would eventually end up on the internet via your internet

I respectfully request that you not publish my MANNING-DRAKE research on
your web site, as I am unable to maintain any qualitiy control over the
information presented there, or post updates, corrections, additions,
deletions, etc.  Also I would especially appreciate it if you would delete
any reference to my e-mail and snail mail addresses.  I have been receiving
e-mails from Drake researchers lately asking for further information about
the DRAKES, or asking me to "defend" the results of my research there, etc.,
and do not have the time to respond to these inquiries, I'm afraid.  Also,
the mailing address you list for me at the bottom of the page has not been
valid for at least three years, since I have moved from Maryland to my
current address.

Thanks for your understanding and help in this matter.


John (Jack) Stewart