Mary Drake
From: "Connie C"

Date: Monday, 29 May 2000 10:41 AM

Just got through looking at your web site.   WOW, what a great place.
Unfortunately though I could not find our DRAKE connection.

    I am looking for MARY DRAKE who married JOHN BEATY (BEATTY) and had
a daughter SARAH J. BEATY (BEATTY) born 20 Feb 1854 in IL (USA).  SARAH
married LEANDER LAMPSON CAMPBELL on 31 July 1869 in Linn County, KS
    Our link to Sir Francis Drake's line comes to us through a story
that was passed to us, "....a telegram was received by Mary (Drake)
Beaty regarding a chair from the Golden Hind which she could not afford
to have shipped from England....the offer coming to our family through a
will, of a line that had died out in England..."

Any help or assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.