Drake double descent
From: "wyz"

Date: Monday, 10 June 2002 4:20 PM


You have a wonderful website! Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate info on my Drake ancestry through it. I am descended from the Brewer family two of whom married into the Drake family. First, Thomas Brewer b. c1575 - born and died in England - married Anne Drake. They had two known children, Thomas and John. Then, Thomas' son, John, married Mary Drake on Feb. 12, 1615. John was born in 1598 and died in 1633. I don't know Mary's dates. They both were born in England and journeyed to the American continent after they married to Virginia where John was a grocer. They lived and were married at St. Vedert, England before journeying to Virginia.

I would feel enormously blessed if you could help me with this puzzle - who were these women and who were their parents/ancestors. Please send any response to my email address at wyzardofwor@netzero.net


Mark Browder