john drake
From: "Jarrett Drake" 

Date: Tuesday, 3 December 2002 11:39 PM

hi Roy,

i have a little further info resulting from my previous questions and
thought that it should possibly be updated.

Could you perhaps post this for me?

John Drake b:approx 1834 (possibly from Norfolk) boarded the Mooltan in
Southhampton and arrived in Hobart 27th Oct, 1854. Has anyone got any info
prior to this as i have seemed to have hit a brick wall.

The linage can stay the same for now, i will have a further update shortly.

Thanks heaps Roy and keep up the good work. I recieved at least 3-4 emails
from people within my linage wanting to know pretty much the same as me, but
also singing the praises of the site. Don't stop. pleeease!