Update on Archibald Drake 1776
From: Jean5814@aol.com

Date: Wednesday, 16 October 2002 7:07 AM

Roy I have done additional research on Archibald and Rhoda Lacy.  I would 
like to update my listing.  I have many of Archibalds Grandchildren and their 
ages taken from Census Listing.  I plan on listing them with their parents 
under Archibald.  I had a thought too if we listed them alphabetical showing 
them as Archibald 1776 Grandchildren, maybe someone is research some of them 
and have no Idea of who they are descended from.  Please give me your 
thoughts on this.  I will hold off on this until you give me your 
suggestions.  Your web site just gets better and better.  You would be 
surprised how many cousins have contacted me since I put my posting in.  What 
is bad we are stopped with Archibald in VA in 1776. What do you think of DNA 
testing?  I am an only child with no Brothers but I have contacted a Male 
Cousin Drake descended from the male line back to Archibald to see if he is 
interested in doing DNA.  I think that is the only way we will ever find 
Archibald.'s parents.  If you can please give me some input on DNA.  I look 
forward to your reply.   Thanks    Jean Bunce