enquiries on your web-site

Date: Tuesday, 7 September 1999 8:42 AM

Hi Roy,

Not to worry, everybody else (MYSELF INCLUDED!) is probably behind too!  In 
fact, I'm just now getting around to really viewing your web-site.  I've 
added a bit of info since I made that query back in Dec. 1998 about Jennie 
Lee Drake.  I think I've connected to the James Drake b. 1725/26 in 
Devonshire England that Cindy Hale-Morrow Bray's web-site starts with.  

I guess now all I'm needing is documentation, and any family stories from my 
line.  Let me know if you want the info I now have.  

Thanks for all the work you do for the Drake line.  The web page is SUPER!  
Even an internet novice like myself can figure out what's going on!