Drake Lineage
From: "Sharon Clark"
Subject: Drake Lineage
Date: Friday, 5 September 2003 7:52 AM

My name is Sharon Drake Clark from Houston, Texas. I recently discovered the Drake web site, and was very excited about the information there. My father's name was Lemuel Eason Drake, who was born in Newton County, Texas is November of 1909. My grandfather's name was Jasper Newton Drake, who was born in Tyler County, Texas in 1861.
My brother Gayle Eason Drake has a family Bible that has entries in it starting in early 1700's until the birth of my father's brothers and sisters. This Bible came down from our great grand parents, and is written in Olde English Script. The middle name of Eason has been handed down for many generations.

Thanks again for the information,
Sharon Drake Clark