Sir Francis Drake's parentage
Subject: Sir Francis Drake's parentage
Date: Thursday, September 30, 2004 11:52 PM

I recently stumbled on your excellent website. I am descended from Sir John Hawkins and hope you can help to establish his exact relationship to Sir Francis Drake.

On is the following:

EDMUND2 DRAKE was born 1514 in Devon, England, and died 1567 in Kent, England. He married ELIZABETH HAWKINS in Crowndale, England, daughter of JOHN HAWKINS. Children of EDMUND DRAKE and ELIZABETH HAWKINS are:
iii. FRANCIS DRAKE, b. June 1545; d. January 25, 1595; m. (1) MARY NEWMAN, July 04, 1569; m. (2) ELIZABETH SYDENHAM, 1584.

But on

"Edmond traditionally was said to have begun life as a sailor, and was converted early to the Protestant faith. It has been supposed that his wife was sister or cousin to William Hawkins, but recent discoveries shows that her name was Milwaye, and the relationship between the Drake and Hawkins families was through Edmond Drake's mother (Margery Hawkins). He sold his ship and entered into the service of his cousins, John and William Hawkins, sons of William Hawkins of Plymouth, a seaman much esteemed and beloved by King Henry VIII."

Is it known what the true facts are?

Thanking you in anticipation

George English

P.S. Where is the dedicated section to the Elizabethan Admiral, Sir Francis Drake located on the site?