Re: Drake line
From: "David Drake"
Subject: Re: Drake line
Date: Monday, October 04, 2004 12:55 AM

Hi Roy, ›

Thanks very much for your detailed reply and apologies for my late reply too. I had to study your tree very carfully to understand it (it's huge!). I see that your connection to the Drake line is via your great grandmother, Emma Lucy Drake (24th Mar 1865-5th Sep 1966). ›

Based on the tree you mapped out on your site (excellent work)...i just want to clarify one thing. Right at the beginning of the tree, you had a John Drake with three sons, John Drake, Thomas Drake and Mark Drake. › ›

That Mark Drake was listed as having a wife called Dorothy, followed by another Mark Drake (his son) who had a wife called Grace Babb. Yet in your text explanation....the Mark Drake that was married to Grace Babb was the son of John Drake and not Mark that correct? ›

One other thing that may be of interest to you is that for some of the Drakes on the tree you posted that ended up in West Teignmouth, can fill in several gaps regarding marriage and burial dates and places by ordering the marriage and burial booklets of the relevant parishes that have been transcribed and sold by the Devon Family History Society: › ›

You might already have done that? ›

My Drake line was from Wolborough, Devon›and prior to that, it appears they were from Whitchurch/Buckland Monachorum so as far as I can see, there is no obvious link with your tree at present...but who knows if one goes back further in time? ›

I am working both backwards and forwards in time to find out what happened to all the Drakes in my is mind numbing work at best but exciting when new leads are discovered! .

Keep up with the good work on your site......your efforts are much appreciated. ›

Cheers, ›