BENJAMIN DRAKE, August 24, 1741. of Eastchester

--In the name of God, Amen, August 24, 1741. I, BENJAMIN DRAKE,
of Eastchester, being sick. I leave to my wife Mary the use of all
houses and lands, while she remains my widow.After  her death all my
lands are to go to my sons, and my son Benjamin is to have the house and
land I  bought of Jonathan Odell, and the three acres of salt meadow,
lying at Hutchinsons, as his part. My  wife Mary is to have 1/3 of all
movables, and the rest to my daughters that have come to age. And I make
my wife and my brother Jasper Drake executors (none of the children
except Benjamin, named).
Witnesses, Samuel Sneden, Solomon Dean, John Cuer. Proved, October 22,

Full Context of New York City Wills, 1730-1744, Page 145.