JOSEPH DRAKE, 10 day of March, 1731, of East Chester,

--In the name of God, Amen, the 10 day of March, 1731. I,
JOSEPH DRAKE, of East Chester, being sick and weak. I leave to my son
John, my wearing apparell and my cane, and 5 shillings, he having
received the rest of his portion already. I leave to my son Samuel, 5
shillings, he having received his portion already. And to my son
Benjamin, and to my daughter Mary Fowler, and to my daughter Sarah
Slaughter, and to my daughter Anne Fowler, 5 shillings each, they having
already received their portions. I leave to my wife the use of the house
we now live in, and 1/2 the cellar,
while she remains my widow, and then to my son Jasper Drake. I leave to
my son Jasper, all the rest of my two home lots in East Chester, bounded
north by James Delgreth, east by the road, south by Nathaniel Tompkins,
and west by Joseph Fowler; Also 16 acres at a place called Hutchinsons,
bounded east by the road to the Hammocks, south by land formerly of
Nathaniel Tompkins, west by Nehemiah Palmer, and north by Rattlesnake
brook, And 1/2 of a piece of salt meadow called the Colwell meadow,
being the east half, and is opposite the mouth of Rattlesnake creek;
Also 1/2 of my privileges in the patent of  East Chester. I leave to my
daughter Elizabeth, 40. To my daughter Rebecca, 40. I leave to my son
Joseph, a parcel of land called Colwells; bounded west by the road to
Hutchinsons, south by road, east by Nehemiah Palmer; Also the west 1/2
of the meadow; Also 13 acres, bounded east by road, south by
Hutchinson's brook, west by Hutchinson's brook, and north by land
formerly Nathaniel Tompkins';  Also 1/2 of the privilege in the old
Patent of East Chester; Also a small slip of meadow I bought of
John Pinckney, deceased, and a piece of meadow called Great Hammock. My
lot of land of 6 acres, bounded north by land formerly of Louis Guion,
east by the highway to Nathaniel Tompkins' meadow, south by John Fisher,
and north by road, is to be sold. I make my sons, Benjamin and Jasper,



 Witnesses, William Barker, Jonathan Odell, John Cuer. Proved, May 12,

Full Context of New York City Wills, 1730-1744, Page 289.
Thanks Erica and Ancestry.