WILLIAM FOWLER, 30 day of September, 1731,
of the Fox meadows, in the County of Westchester

.--In the name of God, Amen, the 30 day of September, 1731. I,
WILLIAM FOWLER, of  the Fox meadows, in the County of Westchester, being
very sick and weak. I order that 100 acres of  land be sold to pay
debts. The land is adjoining to John Gedney's and so by Samuel Drake's
till it  comes to Bronx river; and so running northward in width till it
makes up 100 acres. I leave to my wife Mary all my movable estate, and I
make her and John Fowler, of Rye, and William Forgison, executors. I
also order my wife Mary to keep my children till they are of age, and to
live in my house
 while she remains my widow. And when my eldest son, Jasper Fowler,
comes of age, my executors are to divide all my land between my three
sons, Jasper, Joshua, and Drake Fowler. "If my wife shall prove with
child and have a son, he is to have an equal share with my sons; and if
a girl, then she is to have an equal share with my daughters." I leave
to my daughters, Rebecca and Sarah, each 20 when of age.
Witnesses, Jeremiah Fowler, Peter Hatfield, John Barwick. Proved before
Gilbert Willett, Esq., October 15, 1731.

Full Context of New York City Wills, 1730-1744, Page 193.
Thanks Erica and Ancestry.