John Drake - New York City Wills

From: Barb Williams
Date: Saturday, 20 February 1999 6:36

Page 154.--"In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN DRAKE, of Goshen, in 
Orange County, yeoman, being old and infirm. My executors are to pay all 
debts as soon as possible. I leave to my wife Martha one good riding 
horse or mare, side saddle and bridle, two good cows, and all my sheep 
and hogs, and all provisions and grain, and a bed, bedstead, and bedding 
complete. I leave to my wife the farm or plantation where I live, with 
all improvements, during her widowhood, and after her death or marriage, 
to my son Benjamin. I leave to my son Benjamin my fishing place, with 
the right and privilege of fishing in the river Delaware near Minnisink. 
I leave to my sons, Joseph, Benjamin, Samuel, William, and Zephaniah, 
and the heirs of my son John, all my lands, meadows, and mills in Kings 
County and Queens County, on Long Island, which descended to me on the 
death of my grandfather, Adam Brewer. I leave to my daughters, Martha 
Jackson, Mary Holly, and Esther Knap, five shillings, to be paid in a 
year. I leave to my granddaughter, Martha Holly, daughter of Joseph 
Holly, one good cow. I leave all the rest to my wife and my son Benjamin 
and my granddaughters, Martha Holly and Mary Holly, daughters of Joseph 
Holly. I make my friend, Captain Colvil Bradner, and my son Joseph, 

Dated February 6, 1779. Witnesses, Daniel Vail, weaver, Isaac Smith, 
William Thompson. Proved, February 28, 1780. 
New York City Wills, 1777-1783