Davidson County, Tennessee Wills and inventories,
Vol. 2,1816-1830
by Helen C. and Timothy Marsh (Southern Hist. Press)

From: Barb Marshall 
Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 3:14 PM

		Will of Ephraim Drake Feb. 19, 1817
		made - 2 Dec 1816
		Mentions three girls, son - John Ford Drake
		Appoints Father Benjamin Drake and
		Brother Wm. J. Drake, Executors

		Witness: Andrew Stewart and Wm. Craddock
(NOTE: Andrew Stewart married Sally Drake daughter of Jonathan/Mary Gentry
(NOTE: This Benjamin Drake is the son of Benjamin Drake who signed the
Nashville Compact with John and Jonathan Drake.)
 (Original page 124) is given guardian accounting of James Drake,
		Margaret Drake, and Martha Drake. Dated Feb 1817

	     (original page 223) Feb 18, 1818 same as above.
		p 76 (original pg 457)
		Sept 4, 1820 Will of Emila Drake
		Mentions brother Logan Drake and Brother-in-law		
		Freeman Abernathy who is executor. Dated 2 Jun 1820
	Signed by Jonathan Drake and Elizabeth Drake (July term 1820

(NOTE: Believe this individual a son of John Drake)

	p 90 For July Term - 1821 Jonathan Drake a J. P.

	p 99 (orig. pg. 82) Mar 22, 1822
		Sale of Estate of John Criddle dated Nov 22, 1821
		Sarah Criddle, Johnathan Drake and Sevier Drake.
(Note: Sarah Criddle, Jonathan and Sevier Drake are siblings. Father John

	p 113(original page170) March 7, 1823 - Will of Francis P. Ford
		Mentions nephew James Drake and three nieces Adeline 	
		Drake, Susan Drake, Polly Drake. Jan Term 1823

	p 139 (original page 350) Sep 2, 1824 Settlement of Estate of 
		JohnCriddle Jr. Deceased
		Wm. Drake owes on a note.

	(original page 357) Sep 4, 1824 Inventory of Estate of John Criddle,

		Jonathan Drake, Administrator

	p 151(original page 425) May 27, 1825
		Division of Ephraim Drake, deceased
			James F. Drake
			Polly N. Drake
			Judith A. Marshall
			Susan S. Drake

	p. 226 (original page 317) May 19, 1829 Sale of Estate of Sevier Drake
		Sold 6 Sep 1828 - Purchasers were John Drake,
		 Jonathan Drake, James McGavock, Randol McGavock, Henry
		Deal, Benjamin Drake, Eli Drake and others.

Roll 429 Davidson county, Tn.--Wills Volume 9,  p. 216   

	Will of Sevier Drake received: 11 Aug 1828
		wife Mary P. (Mitchell) Drake
		only child - Nathaniel Drake
		sister-Sally Criddle
		beloved old father - John Drake
		brothers not named but one brother is Jonathan Drake
		and he is executor.
		date: 1 May 1828
		Witnesses: Thomas Heaton, B. Hyde and Lewis Williams

	p 402   Settlement of Sevier Drake dec'd Estate
		29 April 1830
		not heirs but paid vouchers are received by:
		John Drake, Benjamin Drake, jr, Eli Drake, Nelson P.
		Jackson, Sarah Criddle, Grane Payne, George Cagle,----
		and others but no more Drakes.

	p 513   Will of Benjamin Drake rec'd: 11 Aug 1831
		grandson-Benjamin Franklin Drake, son of Wm. J. (or I)
		Son- William J. (or I) Drake and executor
		Daughter-Sarah Drake, was married to James Powell, but
		now divorced (?)
		Grandson-James Ford (?) Drake
		Daughter-Judith Adlin Marshall
		Wife Susannah Drake
		Witnesses: Sam Weakley and William Faulkner
		signed B. Drake

Roll 430 Davidson county, Tennessee - Wills, Inventories, Settlements
Volume 10 and 11
	vol. 10, p 375 - Jonathan Drake, deceased - Negroes divided
	Received 11 Dec 1834
	Heirs were Daniel Young, Taswell Hyde, Alfred A. Drake, 
	Jonathan Drake and Susannah E. Drake
(Son of John Drake)

	vol.10 p 410 - John Drake - deceased  sale - received 11 March

	buyers are B. W. Drake, Gideon Harris,and Hillary Lyles.

Following land grants are all Jonathan Drake who married Mary Gentry)
I have many others and will send them if you want them for your records.