John Drake, Sr - Aug. 17, 1659

Thankyou to Timothy Buckland.

b. 1585
d. 1659
m. Elizabeth Rodgers

Aug. 17, 1659, John Drake, Sr, dyed accidentally as he was driving a cart loaded with corn to carry from his house to his son Jacob's; the cattle being 2 oxen, and his mare. In the highway, against John Griffin's, some thing scared the cattle, and they set a running, and he laboring to stop them by taking hold on the mare, was thrown down on his face, and the cart-wheel went over him, brake one of his legs, and bruised his bodye so that be was taken up dead, being carried to his daughter's house, had life come again, but dyed in a short time, and was buried on the 18th of August, 1659.