John Drake of Yardbury in the county of Devon
27th March 1648
From: lionhouse
Date: Tuesday, 9 April 2002 1:57 AM

    In the name of God Amen, the 27th March 1648 , I  JOHN DRAKE of Yardbury
in the county of Devon , gent, considering my mortality being sumoned and
warned of God by my present sickness and weakness  as            to set
things in order , do therby Gods gracious direction and assistance order all
my estate  and make my last will and testament etc First as my Christs care
is for the salvation of my soule upon the happines whereof the glory of my
body doth depend, I comend my soule unto the hands of Jesus Christ my only
redeemer and body I commit to the earth to be buried at the
direction of my executors....First I give and bequeath to the pore of the
Parish of Cullington  5  ..I give and bequeath to my neece Anne Seward the
daughter of John Seward of Downlands   10 ; Item my will and earnest desire
is that the will of my deceased father William Drake may bee fully and
punctually in every particular performed and fulfilled land in  called
Yardbury and my land called by the name of Coles Mills and those parcells of
lands part of the manor of Coleddor also a tenement called Battleford  etc,
and all the rents and profits , and also all my goods and chattels
whatsoever be taken into the hands and possessions of my well beloved
cousins and brother John Drake of Ash and Thomas Drake of Wiscombe Esquires,
John Seward of Downlands, and William Taylorof Naxway gent , whom I appoint
as my executors in trust for the full performance and execution of this my
father`s will deceased , until such time as my loving brother William Drake
do accomplish the age of twenty and four years ...and now upon great good
hope and brotherly affection that I have and trust to find in my brother
William Drake towards myne and his bretheren and sisters.  I do make and
name him my brother William my sole and only executor.   Signed and sealed
in  the presence of Abrah Forrester, Robt Jones , Abrah Forrester junr
        Proved in London Ist Dec 1649  by John Drake and Thomas Drake
trustees .
    OK this is clearly John the eldest son of William of Yardbury, and your
Thomas`s brother.   My neice Anne Seward proves that.    I think by cousins
John Drake of Ash and Thomas Drake of Wiscombe, that is what he means, and
brother means brother in law, that is John Seward of Downlands, the husband
of Eleanor/Jane Drake his sister.    What say you. ?