Will of Philipa DRAKE 16th July 1647
From: lionhouse
Date: Friday, 31 May 2002 2:32 AM

PROB  8/52 97035 PRO
    Administration April 1658 Alice DRAKE the 26th day.  Alice Drake late of
Ide widow by the oath of Augustin Drake ye sonne and sole executor to whome
administration was committed.

PROB 11 250 PRO
    Will of Philipa DRAKE 16th July 1647  ,  Philipa Drake of Wescombe
widow, late wife of William Drake  esquire deceased.. to be buried in the
chancel of Southley with my deceased husband ..to the poore of Southley five
shillings  ..  Item I give unto my deare and well beloved sonne Thomas Drake
my diamond ringe which my brother Sir Thomas Denys knight deceased by his
last will and testament gave unto me which ringe I desire my said sonne to
weare and to use the same in token of my love toward him wishing it were
better and that I were better able to advance him or his estate.   I give to
my sonnes Acton Drake and William Drake and to my daughter Johane now wife
of Robert Collyns gent and to each of them a ringe of Gould with deatheshead
each of the value of xxvi s and viii d  in token and remembrance of my love
towards them.  Item I give unto my grandchild and godsonne William Drake a
silver cup or bowle of the value of 5 to be within thirtie days of my death
bought by my executrix for him and my armes and name to bee ingraven thereon
and soe to be delivered him by my said executrix which I desire may remaine
unto him and to his use     And all the rest and residue of my estate
Jewells goodes and chattles I wholie give and bequeath to my beloved
daughter Amye Drake whom I make and ordaine to be my whole and sole
executrix...But my intent and meaning herein is that shee shall intermeddle
with or take away any the ornaments of the house or household stuffe in the
house nor of the ploughestuffe nor any other neccessaries of dead goods
without hooves but shall leave the same to my said sonne Thomas Drake
.......The marke of the testatrix . witness Edm Blode Henry
Starr.............. Will proved at London  5th October 1655 by the oath of
Amye Drake  dau and exec.