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The following is a copy of the will of EBENEZER DRAKE.

"In the Name of God Amen. I, Ebenezer Drake of the township of Independence in the County

of Warren and State of New Jersey, being weak in body but of sound mind, memory and understanding (for which blessing I most devotedly thank Almighty God) do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to wit

First it is my will and I do order that my just debts ad funeral expences (expenses) be duly paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently can be after my decease. Item I do give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Prudence during her natural life (if she remain my widow) the use of all my real and personal estate of what ever kind it may be or whereso ever found except the money I may have out at interest at the time of my decease Provided that my said wife take upon herself the bring up education and maintenance of my two younger children. And if it should so happen that my said wife should marry again after my decease then in that case my will is that the value of my personal estate that she may take in her possession after my decease shall be paid over by her to my executors or the person or persons having care and charge of my estate to be equally divided between my children share and share alike.

Item I do order and my will is that the executors create a fund of three hundred dollars out of the monies that I may have at interest at my decease the use of which to be paid to my brother James Drake for his support and maintenance in case he should not be able to support himself but do expressly enjoin it upon my executors not to pay the proceeds of said moneys

to the said James Drake unless he absolutely needs the same for his support all which I leave to their discretion and in case the proceeds of said monies should not be sufficient for the comfortable support of said James Drake then my intention and will is that so much of said fund (if all) be applied to his support.

Item I do order and my will is that out of the monies that I may have at interest at the time of my decease my executors pay to each of my children Viz Euphemia Van Syckle wife of John Van Syckle, Phineas Drake and William Sutton Drake each the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to them in one year after my decease and unto Hezekiah Drake Fanny Drake

Joseph Drake and Keziah Drake each the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to them respectively as they arrive at the age of twenty one years and all other monies that may

Remain undivided to be equally divided amongst my children to share and share alike.

Item I do order and my will is that after the decease of my said wife or in case she should marry again then after that event my executors sell all my real property to the best advantage and divide the proceeds thereof between my children and their legal representatives share and share alike.

Lastly I hereby appoint my loving wife Prudence Drake and my two oldest sons Phineas and William Sutton Drake executors to this last will and testament.



In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 8th day of Febry A.D.1840.

Ebenezer Drake (Seal)


Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said Ebenezer Drake to be his last testament and last will in the presence of us

John Sutphin Joseph W. Vaught I Shirmer

Copied from the will filed at Belvidere, N.J.


Ebenezer Drake and his wife were members of the Tranquility Methodist Church and at later date their sons Hezekiah and Phineas were leaders in the same church. (Sketches of Sussex

Co., N.J. by Casper Schaeffer. p.430)



This document was included in the +80 page manuscript which Edith Drake Hyde compiled over several years of Drake Family Research, printed in 1959. This manuscript was located

In the Rankin/Oliver Drake Collection , New Jersey Genealogical Society Collections at

Rutgers University.

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