Will of William Drake (Franklin County, Virginia)

In the name of God Amen (Illegible) in a lo state of Health am willing this to be my last will and testament I am willing my wife Mary shall have her state of widowhood on my Land then to be sold Seven pounds ten shillings to my son William Drake. The balance to be Equally Divided between my three sons Carter Braxton and Turner I Give William one ten pound horse other three sons Carter Braxton and Turner One horse saddle and Bridle apiece I give my four daughters one feather bed apiece my Daughter Clary the bed that she lies on I wish my stock of cattle Sheep and Hogs and Smith tools to be sold and my Just Debts paid particular the three little boys to be schools out of the money arising from the estate. I give my Daughter Clary a two year old Heifer know to be in her possession So concludes this 26 day of March

William Drake

The will was signed by Clerk, George Aburry

Exectutors were named as follows:

William Drake

Otey Prosser

John Meador

The will was witnessed by Bansler Meador and Anna Meador, both of whom made a mark beside their names.

The will concluded with ,"Since this 26 day of march in the year of our Lord 1792"


Franklin August Court 1792 the last will and Testament was Exhibited in Court by Otey Proser John Meador & William Drake Executors (illegible) Subscribed and ordered to be Recorded

Clerk James Calloway CCC

Michael E.Drake