Elizabeth Drake, Sept. 4, 1839 of Middleton
in the County of Bucks and State of PA,

ELIZABETH DRAKE, Sept. 4, 1839 of Middleton in the County of Bucks and State of PA,
considering the uncertainty of life, do make my last will and Testament as follows
(To wit) I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid. ITEM I give to the daughters of my niece, Elizabeth Neely two hundred dollars, one hundred to each. ITEM I give to the sons of my niece, Anna Heilfbridge, one hundred dollars to be equally divided amongst them. ITEM I give to the sons of my brother, John Drake, each one hundred dollars (to wit) John, Andrew, William, Elijah and Neely. ITEM My wearing apparel I give to be equally divided between my nieces, Elizabeth Cary and Ann Drake and I appoint my friends, Eliza Stackhouse and Rachel Watson to equalize and make the distribution thereof. I give my niece, Elizabeth Cary, one silver tablespoon and my clock for extra kindness. I give to Walter Bateman my ten plate stove and Sock at the door in the chamber. I give to my nephew, Zachariah Drake, one large silver spoon and to his wife one brass kettle. ITEM I give my watch to my brother Jacob's daughter Elizabeth and likewise on large silver spoon. ITEM I give to my niece, Ann Drake, one wilver tablespoon. ITEM All the residue and remainder of my estate I direct to be equally divided between the children of my brother Jacob and those of my brother Robert to them their heirs and assigns forever. Lastly, I appoint Joseph Watson the son of John Watson of Middleton executor of this my last will and testament.
Elizabeth Drake (seal) Signed sealed and declared by the aforesaid Elizabeth Drake to be her last will and testament the 4th day of the 9th month eighteen hundred thirty nine in the presence of John Watson, Jr.
Thomas E. Longshore
Kathy Drake in TN