Robert Drake of the Citty of Bristoll,
Deposition made 1st March 1644

ROBERT DRAKE of the Citty of Bristoll, Deposition made 1st March 1644
aged fortie years or thereabouts deposeth and saith upon his corporall Othe voluntarily taken upon the holy Evangelists of God, that being Boateswaine of the good ship called the William of Bristoll of the burthen of threskore and ten tons or thereabouts, whereof one William Symons was Master in her last voyage from this Porte of Bristoll to the Mathera Ilands he doth well know that on the fifte day of december last past was two yeares (vizt) in Anno 1642 he this deponent did set saile in the said hip from this Porte for the aforesaid voyage, and about three weekes after the said ship arrived at the said Mathera Ilands, and there discharged all her goods and merchandizes, except onely One tonn and half of Iron, as neere as this deponents could guesse and after about sixe dayes there, and about that Iland William Harris that was the merchant and Factor of that said ship and to whom the goods were delivered, having in that interim lett out the said ship to fraight to certen Portugall Merchants there of that Iland, for a new voyage to the Iland of Tercera** to lade Corne as they were sailing towards it, neere unto St Michaells Iland** they met with two Turks men of warr, whoe assaulted the said ship and fought with hir by the space of two or three howers and kild the said Master and one more of the Company and wounded agreate many of the rest, and in thend sunke hir downe right and tooke and carried this deponent and teh rest that escaped to Agier: He further maketh oathe that all the time when the said ship was sunke, there were noe goods or merchandizes abord her , save only the said ton and a half of Iron, and twelve butts of wyne sixteene Bags of Chestnuts, and certen boxes and chests of sweetemeats, which wines, Chestnuts and sweetemeates did belong to the Portugalls that had freighted hir, all the rest of hir lading from this Port of Bristoll being discharged at the Matheraes and there delivered to the said merchant William Herris as aforesaid; which this deponent the better knoweth to be true in regard he tuke accompt of the lading and unlading of all the goods that came abord hir that voyage, aswell here at the port of Bristoll, as there at the Mathera Ilands and untill the very time she was sunke by the Turks which this deponent precisely knoweth to be the tenth daie of februarii 1642. Deposition made 1st March 1644.

**Terceria, one of the islands of the Azores and St Michaels, the largest island of the Azores.