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If you would like to add any material that is related to the Drake family to this list, please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your entries will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

Lucy Olive Drake and Samuel Shepard Ligon
Hi cousins,

I am searching for information on the marriage of Samuel Shepard Ligon and Lucy Olive Drake in Amelia County, VA on Nov 11, 1809.

What I know:
1. From The Ligon Family and Connections, 1949, by William G. Ligon, Jr., pg 660 Samuel Shepard Ligon who m.Lucy Olive Drake, November 11, 1809, Amelia Co., Va.: security, John Southall.

2. Microfilm with an index of Amelia Cty, VA marriages:
Samuel Shepard Ligon m. Lucy Olive Drake, November 11, 1809, Security John Southall.
In a space on the form for Parent or Guardian (if necessary), William Drake was listed.

3. Microfilm with a list of taxpayers for Amelia Cty, VA between 1782 and 1813:
I found William Drake listed in 26 years with 1 white male over 21 in all except 2 of the years. In 1784 and 1793, 2 white males are listed. No tax was collected in 1808, and I may have missed him in the others.

4. Another Hocutt family researcher:
Samuel Shepard Ligon m. Lucy Olive Drake. This information was collected when she first began doing family research and did not realize the importance of recording sources.

5. A Ligon family researcher:
Samuel Shepard Ligonm. Lucy Olive Drake. He is not actively tesearching the family, just collecting information from others and has no sources.

6. Last April, I was in Rocky Point, NC ans visited the graves of Lemuel and Lucy Hocutt. I photographed the gravestones, and Lucy's said "Lucy O. Hocutt".

7. My own Hocutt research:
My ggrandfather, Lemuel Hocutt m. Lucy Olive Ligon, in Johnston Cty, NC, on Jan 11, 1841. She was born in Johnston County, NC, to Samuel Ligon on Nov 16, 1819. 1850 Census of Johnston Cty, NC - Samuel Ligon 80 M

My thoughts on the above:
1. In my limited experience reading early handwritig, I have found that often Capital letters are quite fancy and sometimes difficult to identify. In the marriage of Lucy Drake, I have NOT seen the original record. I have only seen two interpretations from people who PROBABLY saw the original record. I have often found that the best clues to identify capital letters are the remaining letters in the word, and the other words in the sentence. When the Capital letter is the middle initial in a person's name, there is no help. It can be anything. I lean to Olive as the middle name of Lucy Drake

2. William Drake, of Amelia Cty, VA, was probably the father of Lucy Olive Drake.

Can anyone provide any evidence to prove, or disprove the above ?

Bill Hocutt