Sarah Drake
married to John Wesley Dunworth

Hi Roy, 

I am looking for Sarah Drake that was married to John Wesley Dunworth. 
They lived in Kansas at the time of her death about 1892.  They had 3
children, Thomas, Lou, and my grandfather George Wesley Dunworth, b.
Sept. 9, 1888, in Neodesha, Kansas.  This is the only information that I
have on Sarah Drake.  I have no information on her birthplace, date of
birth, or who her parents were.  But any help or leads would be greatly
appreciated.  The reason why I am looking in Illinois, is that my great
grandfather was from Ohio..and so I thought they might have met up in
that area...and all my searches through all the midwest and eastern
states have proved fruitless.

I am sorry I don't know who those other Drakes are, that is a letter
that my cousin sent to me...and I am looking them up for her to see what
information I can get.  

Thanks again for you help.