Exum Drake

Date: Sunday, 6 September 1998 4:19

Hi Roy,
    You may post my enquiry to your site.  Here is my Drake line:
Richard Harvey Elliott
 Mother Margaret Anne Ricks  Married Herod Harvey Elliott
    Father Percival "Percy" Ricks Married Annie Mae DeLoach
     Mother Neta Amelia Drake Married Theoplilus 'Lawson' Ricks
      Father Robert Lemuel Drake Married Elizabeth Watson
       Father Francis Bryant Drake Married Selina King
        Father Richard Drake Married Pheraba Bryant
         Father Exum Drake Married Unknown
Most of this information is from the Volume III book by Dr. Eldon Drake.
I do have copies of Annie Mae DeLoaches and Neta Amelia Drake death
certificates if any body is interested.

Take care,
Richard H. Elliott