Col. Edwin Laurentie Drake,
Born Greenville,N.Y. March 29, 1819. Died Nov. 8 1880

Date: Monday, 28 September 1998 5:32

 Is this a possible connection to Col. Edwin Laurentie Drake,
Born Greenville,N.Y. March 29, 1819. Died Nov. 8 1880. in Bethlehem Pa.
Buried in Titusville PA.

He found oil in Titusville Pa.  His Grandfather was John B. Drake born on
Jan. 30, 1774
 He was a child of Eli and Armitta Drake.
John's Children were:
Lyman- Col. Drakes Father.  made freeman 1810.
Alvin B. - made freeman 1812
Alphas H. - made freeman 1812
James W.- Born April 13 1808
Polly Marie Drake Born 1826. Died Feb. 20 1875
married Selah Hart Langdon.

Now Alvin B. Drake
was Born in Castleton  VT.
Married Nov 5, 1815
Died Dec. 13 1841
Robert R. Born Oct 4. 1816
Maryanne Died Aug 29 1827
John H. Drake I have no inf. on him.

  This Alvin B. Drake,  is Col. Edwin L. Drake's Uncle.
Did either one of these son's have a child named Nelson Drake?  Nelson born
Aug 7 1834 died Sept 16, 1906
In Forest County Pa. near Tidioute Pa.
He married Loudisa Creed who was called Annie. born 1844. died 1932.
I am looking for Nelson's parent's?

 Nelson had a son named John B Drake.  This John B. Drake born 1865 Died in
victory Hights Pa 1942.
 Was Married Four times and is known to have 21 children.
One of the wives was May Drake married 1880 -1924.
Born 1865-1942. Children:
Mrs.. Purl Snyder, Mrs.. A.J. Kester, Dennis, Charles, Mrs.. Curley Snyder,
Mrs.. Floyd Pierce, Mrs.. Floyd Rector,
 Allen Drake, Alvin B. Drake and Nelson Drake.

Alvin B. Drake is my Grandfather, My mother's name is Nancy L. Drake (Mast)
looking for the connection that would tie this line of descendants, to Col.
Drake, who discovered oil.

Has any one found any Alvin Drake's?   These names are all I have for now
that seems to tie this family in this line of Drakes.

Any information you might have on this line of Drakes would be welcome.
Thank you,
Jackie Greek