Clarence Emerson Drake

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 98 14:45:38 -0400

I'm looking for any information about the family of Clarence Emerson 
Drake.  He was born October 30, 1919 in Muskingum County, Ohio and died 
June 1984 in Des Moines, Iowa.  His parents were Edward Drake and Minnie 
Myrtle Feuhart Drake.  I believe he had 5 other siblings and he was one 
of the youngest.  I know there were at least two sisters, Margaret and 
Evelyn.  And there was a brother, Raymond.  I also know his parents were 
dead by 1944.  His sister, Margaret married someone by the last name of 
Boyer.  I've been told many of his relatives lived in the Columbus, Ohio 
area.  His family may have called him Emerson.  He was in the military 
and was stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis at some point. 

 When he died he was married to Frances Negrete Drake and had 10 
stepchildren by her.  I would like to know more about his parents and 
siblings.  His obituary only mentioned Frances and the stepchildren.  It 
also said he lived most of his life in Des Moines, however, I'm sure 
there must still be relatives in Ohio today.   If anyone has any 
information, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks!

Melissa Burch