Simon DRAKE,
born ca 1790 somewhere, married Patience GREGORY

Date: Tuesday, 29 September 1998 10:39

I've turned over stones trying to find Simon DRAKE, born ca 1790 somewhere,
married Patience GREGORY, 1 May, 1817 in Wake Co., NC, but failed to locate
their places of birth or parents.  

Note: Simon and Patience Drake were mentioned as parents of Thomas M. DRAKE on the Dawes list, Choctaw tribe in The 5 Civilized Tribes area of Indian Territory (later OK)--marriage third wife, Choctaw. His marriage (first wife) was listed in the index of southern marriages in Greene County, IN by the clerk of court but he listed the Drake marriages (women and men) and that they were from NC. Then I found Simon and Patience Drake's marriage bond in Wake County, NC, 1817. The 1820 NC census is incomplete because of a fire, but I did locate Simon on the 1830 census with slash marks representing their known children. In 1840 Patience was head of household in Greene Co., IN, but the slash marks were different--perhaps representing grandchildren. She is on no other census. My great grandfather, supposedly the youngest, Thomas, born in 1827, insisted he was born in Mason Co., KY, but he would have been one of those slash marks in NC. He is not on the 1850 IN census that I can find. He did not marry until 1852 in Greene Co., IN, Sarah A. SMITH, probably the daughter of Anderson SMITH of Orange Co., NC. Simon is a New England name and several Simon Drakes have been found there in the right time period, but a search shows these Simons remained in New England.

Shirley Drake Maynard