Albert Inkerman Douglas DRAKE -and his sons,
Albert George Douglas DRAKE and Francis Arthur Joyce DRAKE

Date: Tuesday, 17 November 1998 6:43

The first query concerns my grandfather, one Albert Inkerman Douglas DRAKE,
usually preferring to call himself Douglas. A most elusive gentleman. He was
born in 1855, later becoming a Veterinary Surgeon in the British Army. I have
some information about his life from 1878 onwards. My query is, where was he
born and to whom?  I believe his father may have been a military man, which
places the birth anywhere the British Army may have been serving in 1855!  His
father's name was William, a Contractor (Information from Albert's marriage
certificate) so had probably left the Army by the time of the marriage in
1885. There is some family talk that Albert may have been born in Ireland. I
have searched the General Register Office Indexes of Birth for England, Wales
and Scotland with no luck, also those for Births abroad. Hopefully, somebody
out there may know of him.

Secondly, I would like to hear from anybody that has information regarding
Albert George Douglas DRAKE, son of the above. He was always called George. He
was born in July 1883 in Colchester, Essex, UK. At some time he emigrated to
Quebec, Canada, and later served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during
WW1. He then returned to the UK, married and died without issue.

Finally, any information would be gratefully received about Francis Arthur
Joyce DRAKE, always known as Frank. He was born in November 1894 at Wells-
next-the-Sea, Norfolk, UK the son of Albert Inkerman Douglas above.  He served
in WW1 as a Trooper in the 12th (Prince of Wales Own) Lancers.  Sometime after
the War he emigrated to Australia, where he had service with the Royal
Australian Air Force during WW2. He married Elsie, a widow with children,
though they were to have none of their own. He lived at Point Lookout,
Stradbroke Island, Queensland, dying there in September 1966.

Our family has always been tight-lipped with regard to our ancestors, not that
there appear to be any skeletons in the cupboard at the moment (I hope there
are!), it's just that they rarely talked about each other. Hence the paucity
of detail on the above three gentlemen. Hoping that this will suffice for
inclusion, and that I get some results.

kind regards,
Peter Drake.