Jennie Lee Drake, b. 1883, GA

Date: Sunday, 6 December 1998 7:28

Hi,  my Drake info is very limited.  I have included all that I do know.  ANY
info would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

Henry (Emory?) Nathan HUBBARD b.~1885 in GA, m. Jennie Lee DRAKE b. ~1883 in
GA.  Jennie d. Feb 1954.  They had the following children (all dates

1) Earnest b. 1904
2) Frank b. 1906
3) Henry Penn (aka Buck) b. 1909
4) Lancon (or Lincoln) b. 1911
5) Georgia Estelle (aka Gell) b. 1913
6) Willie May b. 1915
7) Ethel (aka Eli) b. 1916
8) Grace b. 1919, m. ? STEPHENS
9) Emory Spear b. Apr 1921, m. B. CRAVEN, d. Oct 1972-my line

Grace is the only child still living (to my knowledge).  Last info was that
she was living in GA.