Capt. Francis DRAKE m. Mary WALKER

Date: Friday, 25 December 1998 7:52

My Drake lineage:

Me, Donna Eldean GUDGEON m. Chalmer D. KREITZER
mother, Dorothy Marie COON m. Robert Malone GUDGEON, Sr.
father, Hugh Tifney COON m. Cora Alice HILYARD
mother, Martha A. BURTON m. Thomas Jeremiah COON
mother, Vilotta LUSK m. Jeremiah Shelby BURTON
father, Joseph H. LUSK m. Julian WAGGONER
father, Charles LUSK m. Anne/Anna RUNYON
father, John RUNYON m. Elizabeth "Betsy" ROEMER/RUNNER
father, Isaac RUNYON m. Charity "Geertje" HEGEMAN
father, Joseph RUNYON (no documented proof) m. Elizabeth TREMBLEY
father, Thomas RUNYON (no documented proof) m. Martha DUNN
mother, Elizabeth DRAKE m. Hugh DUNN
father, Capt. Francis DRAKE m. Mary WALKER
You are welcome to keep this info in your file. I hope someday someone will be able to find written proof of Isaac RUNYON's father.

Eldean Kreitzer