Cornelius Drake in Nelson Co.,KY- late 1700's

Date: Wednesday, 6 January 1999 9:07

Hi there,
I am working on finding out as much as I can about Priscilla Drake (b. about
1774) to Cornelius Drake and (probably Sarah  Worthington )- this Cornelius
has been rather elusive for me, and I do have some info I hope will help
others and  maybe someone can answer some questions I have- 
In the Nelson Co.,KY marriages, I have a photocopy that states: Job Matthews
married Priscilla Drake, daughter of Cornelius Drake. Surety, Cornelius Drake.
December 27, 1793.  This Priscilla and Job are my 6th g-grandparents.  I
recently found a compilation at my FHC of Nelson Co.,KY records mentioning
Cornelius on three different occasions  as follows:
From the Nelson CO.,KY Court of Quarter Sessions 1791-1793, entry dated March
12, 1793, pg. 245-  Samuel Brown, John Brown, Johnston Brown, Reuben
Ash,Charles Polke Jr., Adam Guthrie,John Coombs, Edward Coombs Jr.,Nelson
Coombs, Samuel Stephens, William Clark, Henry Duncan,Thomas Duncan, Robert
Surgeon, Barzilla Silkwood, Stillwell Heady, Daniel Bedwell,Jacob Wiley,
Thomas Barker,William Truax,  CORNELIUS DRAKE, John Wakefield, William Gough,
John Reaves, JOB MATTHEWS, James Staples, Thomas Coombs,John McCaslin,Samuel
Clark,Tenison Ashby, and all other tithables within the bounds of the above
mentioned tithables are to assist William Edwards in keeping the road in
repair of which he is overseer.
From the May 14, 1793 entry,pg.251- Deed from Isaac Hite and Harriet Hite, his
wife, Abraham Hite and Elizabeth Hite, his wife, Joseph Hite and Sarah Hite
his wife, and Rebecca Hite, to Thomas Hoddy, was proven by CORNELIUS DRAKE,
Samuel Greer, and William Goff, witnesses thereto, and ordered recorded.
Other deeds from the same parties , to Samuel Greer, to CORNELIUS DRAKE, to
William Morrison, and to Nicholas Minor, were likewise proved among the same
parties and recorded.
This next is from the book "Exectors, Administrators and Guardians Bond Book 1
1792-1804" Nelson Co.,KY., pg. 48 as follows:  Administrators Bond, Sarah Goff
for the estate of William Goff, dec'd, 250 pounds, with John McCasland and
CORNELIUS DRAKE as sureties, October 13, 1795.  
Is it possible that this Cornelius is a descendant of Albrittain Drake? or the
son of William Drake and Elizabeth Taylor (which is what I have)? Any
suggestions ?
I don't know if this Cornelius ever lived in Muhlenburg Co., KY but his
daughter Priscilla and husband Job Matthews did before migrating into southern
Any ideas would be much appreciated !

Lisa Bishop