William Walter and Harriet Emma (Quantrell) Drake.

Date: Saturday, 9 January 1999 12:17

Hello Roy,

Thanks for the e-mail - my Drake lineage starts with my grandmother Kate Emma
born in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, 1897, daughter of William Walter and Harriet Emma (Quantrell)
Drake. Unfortunately, I don't have too much more to offer as I haven't found
William's birth yet. They are too young to show up on the 1851 census.

I have stories by the handful that my mother and grandmother have told me (but
I'm sure we all do.)

Thanks for the URL - I'll send information as I get it, if you think it may
help someone else. 
See lineage chart for this Drake family
Jackie Barnaby
Sandwich, MA
http://www.homesuitehomes.com/genes/JSB/tdd.htm">Drake Family of Norwich, Norfolk UK