Elizabeth Ann Drake married Reuben Keaton
Their first child: Nancy Lou married William Vandiver

Date: Wednesday, 13 January 1999 6:34

Elizabeth Ann Drake was the ninth child of James Drake and his
wife Agnes Breckenridge.  She married Reuben Keaton and they
had seven children.  Their first child was Nancy Lou.  Nancy Lou
married William Vandiver.  They in turn had 10 children:

            1. Minnie
             2.  Fannie Lou (married Will Maddox)
               3.  DeWitt
                  4. Annie (married Vernon Watson)
                     5. Pet (?) (married Dave Richardson)
                        6.  Emmie (married John Greer)
                           7.  John
                              8. Reuben (married Gertie Keys) 
                                9. Sallie (maried Jones Greer)
                                   10.  Thomas (married Mary Malone Brown)
                                                (Thomas and Mary had 11 children!)

Martha Matthews