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DRAKE, Benjamin, b. @ 1795, KY or IN, Ripley CO, IN 1850 Census, p. 308
DRAKE, Ephraim, b. @ 1793, OH; Shelby CO, IN 1850 Census, p. 257B
DRAKE, Ephraim, b. 1780, NJ; Hancock CO 1850, p. 170A, IN 1840 - 1860; d. 1867, Shelby Co, IN
DRAKE, Ebenezer, @b. 1797, PA; Wabash CO, IN 1850 Census, p. 316
DRAKE, Ithamar, b. 1769, NJ; m. @ 1787, Mary KINDER (1770 - 1842); rem. to Warren CO, OH @ 1797; d. Shelby CO, IN, 1835.
DRAKE, John, b. @ 1781, PA; Shelby CO, IN 1850 Census, p. 356
DRAKE, Jacob, b. @1773, NJ; Allen CO, IN 1850 Census, p. 172
DRAKE, John, b. @ 1791, KY; 1850 Census; Dearborn CO, IN, p. 291
DRAKE Joseph, b. @1798, PA; 1850 Census; Johnson CO, IN, p. 150B; prob. s. of Lewis; liv. in OH until @1828.
DRAKE, Joseph, b. @ 1775, MD; Bartholomew CO, 1850 Census, p. 445B
DRAKE, Phoebe, b. @ 1772, N.Y.; Shelby CO, IN 1850 Census, p. 308B; d. Phebe, m. Nathan Moore.
DRAKE, Richard, b. @ 1782, IN; Posey CO, 1850 Census, p. 308
DRAKE, Samuel, b. @1797, PA, mov. to Ohio by 1828, IN @ 1850 Census; Marshall CO, IN 1850, p. 507
DRAKE, Ely: Revolutionary War Roster, 1790 Census: Franklin CO, KY 1800, 1810 Census Mecklenberg CO, KY.
DRAKE, Aaron, Bertie CO, NC 1719, tax payers 1721, Bertie Courthouse Records 1723, Colonial Bertie CO 1727.
DRAKE, Anna, Colonial Bertie CO, NC 1725.
DRAKE, Augustin, Will Nash CO 1842; mentions sister Penelopy Mitchell, her spouse & children.
DRAKE, Benjamin F. m. Martha Griffin, 1867.
DRAKE, Benjamin W. son of H. H. and wife Sally; also mentions Selah Drake, ch: Henrietta Y., Benjamin F., Hartwell, Nancy, James H. & John Q. DRAKE & Elizabeth T. HENDERSON; Will 1815.
DRAKE, Delilah, Will Nash CO 1815.
DRAKE, Edmund, m. Mary Mann 1763, ch: Edwin, Augustin, Casewell, Henry, Cloe, Lousia, Sally, Penny, Patsy, Polly, Nancy, & Elizabeth Will, 1803.
DRAKE, Edward, Taxpayers Gates CO 1786
DRAKE, Edwin, s. of Edmund, Census, Nort. 1820, Nash CO 1830, 1840, Will Nash CO 1841; ch: Temperance, Robert S., Patience Ricks, Sally Turner, & William J. Drake.
DRAKE, Elizabeth, Will, Nash CO 1852.
DRAKE, Francis, wife Elizabeth, Will Nash CO 1838 sale of estate mentions
Dorothy, John, Richard & Boliver Drake, ch: William F., Dorothy, Green
Drake, Elizabeth Arrington..
DRAKE, Francis, Granville District, purchased land in Edgecombe CO 1756, 1760,
DRAKE, Green, d. bef. 1838; ch: Louisa N. and Mary E , Louisa, Sarah T., William G. DRAKE.
DRAKE, Hartwell, second wife of James; ch: Frederick DAVIS, Goodman DAVIS, Dolphin DAVIS, John H. DRAKE, Benjamin DRAKE; grandchild Polly DAVIS
DRAKE, H. E. inventory taken 1847.
DRAKE, Hines, wife: Mourning, ch: Temperance, Elizabeth, Mourning, Jesse H. Drake.
DRAKE, Hines m. Lucy Bosman 19 Apr 1823, Northampton CO.
DRAKE, James, son of Francis, Granville District, purchased land in Edgecombe CO 1761,was there by 1743 when Thomas MANN bought land next to him, witnessed deed 1756, purchased land in Nash CO 1778, Will VA 1791, inventory taken 1792; m/1. Sophia VALENTINE; m/2. Hartwell HODGES DAVIS; ch: James, Albrittain, Silas, Elizabeth, Benjamin, John H. Lydia Hadley, Sarah Bridgers, Milbrey Wheless.
DRAKE, James m. Temporance HARRISON, dau. of John & Nancy (MANN).
DRAKE, Jesse, b, 1747, m. Margaret Taylor 1770, d. 1796. Margaret b. 1752, d. 1807. ch: Gemima, Sarah, Gray, Elizabeth, Henry, Jane, Margaret, Susannah, Jesse. Henry m. Elizabeth Edwards, ch: Henry, Bette, James, William, John. John m. Claudia Batts. no ch.
DRAKE, John, b.1780/1800 in North Carolina; d. 1840/1850 in North Carolina; m. Elizabeth, 1805/1819.
DRAKE, John, Colonial Bertie CO, NC 1725, Bertie Courthouse Records 1725, Will 1729.
DRAKE, John, purchased land in Nash CO 1790
DRAKE, John J. m. Elizabeth
DRAKE, John Q. m. Mary Ann Harrison 1843.
DRAKE, John R. m. Elizabeth W. GRIFFIN.
DRAKE, Jonas, 1790 Census Halifax District, Martin CO, 1810 Census Nash CO, inventory by Charaby DRAKE 1815; wife, Charity ch: Martha.
DRAKE, Jordan purchased land in Northampton CO 1793, census Northampton CO 1790, 1800, Anson CO 1810, 1820, 1830, 1830, Montgomery CO 1840, 1850 Stan. CO.
DRAKE, Joseph m. Harriet SPENCER
DRAKE, Lazarus, s. of Thomas & Anne, witnessed deed in Edgecombe 1773, m. Sarah --- d. 1783 ch: Jesse, Anne, David, William, Hines, Elizabeth, Sally, Drury.
DRAKE, Margaret, inventory 1852, mentions John, Allen, William F., M.B. and Mathew DRAKE.
DRAKE, Mathew B., m. Martha ARRINGTON 1845, ch: John R., Thomas N. DRAKE.
DRAKE, Matthew Jr., wife Milbry, Will 1811 mentions Delilah and Frances Drake, ch: Nancy (w. of Asael Vick) & Lucinda Drake.
DRAKE, Matthew Sr. bought land in Edgecombe CO 1759, witnessed deed in Nash CO 1777, sheriff of Nash CO 1784, Will Nash CO 1877, wife Anne, ch: Mathew, Francis, Martha (PARKER), Mary (SUMNER), Elizabeth (COLLINS), Temperance, Dorothy.
DRAKE, Mourning Will, 1864.
DRAKE, Nathaniel, Granville District purchased land in Edgecombe CO 1761, witnessed deed 1752, Will Nash CO 1785 mentions Delilah (wid), James, Matthew, Thomas, Nathaniel & Penuel FLOYD, ch: Nathaniel, Margaret & Allen.
DRAKE, Nathaniel, Will, 1809; mother, Delilah, bro. Diocletian FLOYD, Allen
DRAKE, sister, Elizabeth GRIFFIN, Margaret DRAKE, brother-in-law Penuel FLOYD
DRAKE, Richard, son of Tristram, Revolutionary War Roster, Pension file, Census 1790, 1800, 1810, 1830 Chatham CO, NC, Will 1834, d. 1835.
DRAKE, Richard, d. bef. 1838, ch: James W., George.
DRAKE, Sarah, Colonial Bertie CO, NC 1728/29.
DRAKE, Thomas, Edgecombe CO 1734
DRAKE, Thomas N. m. C. D. AVENT 1857 (is this the son of Mathew? Age doesn't seem right).
DRAKE, William, Colonial Bertie CO, NC 1726, wife Zilpah, dau. Elizabeth; William d. bef 1801.
DRAKE, William, pension file, d. 1832.
DRAKE, William, pension file, d. 1829.
DRAKE, William, Granville District purchased land in Edgecombe CO 1760, witnessed deed 1756, purchased land in Granville CO 1756; estate settled 1800; Will mentions: Mathew, Brittain, William, Zilpah, & Mathew Sr.
DRAKE, William, War Roster, pension file, census 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 Chatham CO, Will 1837, d. 1837; Will probated 1838; brother of Green Drake, sister, Elizabeth..
DRAKE, William H. m. Martha DELBRIDGE 1867.
DRAKE, William, Jr. inventory 1800 by Mathew Drake, mentions Mathew, Brittain, William, Zilpah DRAKE (wid) and Mathew Drake, Sr; ch: Richard, Elizabeth, John, Matthew, Brittain, William Jr.
DRAKE, Zilpah inventory 1807.
DRAKE, John, b. @ 1794, VA; Warren CO, OH 1850 Census, p. 146
DRAKE, P. . . b. @ 1791 PA; Warren CO, OH 1850 Census, p. 15 B
Drake, Sarah, b. @ 1767, NC; Warren CO, OH 1850 Census; p. 840

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