John DRAKE b. 1350, Ashe, England
married Christina BILLETT b. 1380, Otterton, England

Date: Friday, 29 January 1999 12:13

Hello to everyone :)   Here is my list ...........from the first known to
today (ME).......

John DRAKE b. 1350, Ashe,England married 1414, Exmouth,England, Christina
BILLETT b. 1380, Otterton, England

John DRAKE b. 1388, England married Christina ANTAGE b. c. 1392,Otterton,

John DRAKE b. 1418, England married Miss (unknow first name) CRUWYS born 1422,
Cruwys, Devonshire,England

John DRAKE b. 1448, England married Agnes KELLOWAY b. 1453, Otterton,Eng.

John DRAKE b. 1474,Otterton,Devonshire,Eng. married Margaret COLE b. Eng.

John DRAKE b. c. 1500 Eng. married Amy GRENVILLE,b. 1513, Eng. d. 18feb1586/7

Robert DRAKE married Elizabeth PRIDEAUX b.1569

Elizabeth DRAKE b. 1585, Rhode Island married 1608 , John CRANDALL b. 1582,
Newport, Rhode Island 

John CRANDALL b. 1609 d. 29Nov1676 married 1649 Westerly,RI ,1. Mary OPP(??
last name not verified) 

Sarah CRANDALL b. c 1654, d. 1696, Essex,Ma., married 1676,  1. Peter BUTTON
b. 17Jul1660 , d. Feb 1725 

Mathais BUTTON b. 16Jan1692,Stonington,Ct married 20Dec1727,Westerly.RI Mary
BROWN b. Aug1716, Stonington,Ct. 

Peter BUTTON b. 20Jun1749,Voluntown,Ct. married 1785 Margery (last name

Alpheus BUTTON b. 7Feb1787,NY , d. 26Mar1870,Keeneyville,Pa , married 1809,
Tioga County , Pa,  Elizabeth (Betsy) HILL b. 11Dec1789, NY died

William BUTTON b. 17Feb1819,Keeneyville,Pa , d/ 15Dec1907 married 17Mar1839
Lerena GOODWIN b. 16Jun1821,Canada d. 17Jan 1905, Keeneyville,Pa.

John K. RICHARDSON b. 8Dec1852, Wellsboro,Pa. d. 25Nov1925, Cambria County,Pa,
married 1Jan1876,Charlestown,Pa Evelyn BUTTON b. 20Aug1862 , d.
21June1941,Lincoln Park,Mi (at her daughter's home)

Alberta RICHARDSON b.27Sept1896,Fallbrooke,Pa. d 24Oct1992,Allen Park,Mi
married 28Apr1913 Southfork,Pa, Charles Henry OAKS b. 13Feb1893,Johnstown,Pa
d. 30Jun1987, Allen Park,Mi.

Albert Myrrel OAKS b. 18Aug1929, Canton,Ohio, married 24Mar1950 Shirley Ann
RICHTARIK b. 19Jul1931, Detroit, Mi 

Sharon Lee OAKS b. 21Mar1952, Detroit, Mi (ME - "finally" - bet you thought
you would NEVER get to the end huh?) married 12Jun1970, Allen Park , Mi ,
divorced 11March 1998, Kenneth James Hill, b. 3Feb1951, Detroit , Mi 

Sharon Hill