William Drake (b. 1821) married Sarah Smith

Date: Saturday, 30 January 1999 4:45

I stumbled, perhaps that is not the correct word, across your web pages,
and yes my name is Wayne Varley DRAKE, and we have been doing some

As far as we can tell my Great Great Great Grandfather, maybe 1 to many
greats, was William Drake (b. 1821) married Sarah Smith, BUT his son:
Joseph Kent Drake (b. 1854, d. 1923) definately married a Sarah Anne
North. We can positively go back that far.

Can any of your other avid fans associate these people, the other
pertinent point is that KENT was a family name, has anyone else
encountered this? We do not know the origins of, or association with

Whaddon Chase also features prominently in the folklore. William Richard
Drake (b. 1883, d. 1946) married Katherine Charlotte Purbrook Holgate,
apparently spent a lot of money and made an ass of himself by trying to
claim an inheritence over Whaddon.

I omitted to mention we are definately of British heritage, my father
Charles John Drake (b. 1920), came out to Western Australia with his
parents, Charles Joseph Kent Drake, who married Eliza Amelia Reed, at a
very young age, in the early 1920's.

This should be sufficient information should there be any possible

My cousin Barry Richard Drake, who is currently visiting from the UK,
may also contact you soon.

Thank You.
Wayne Drake