Francis A. Drake + Saleta

Date: Friday, 5 February 1999 6:53

Can y'all stand another Francis and William?  I haven't seen mine mentioned as
of yet. Of course, they are not traced back as far as many of yours.  This is
the short list of info. Enjoy!

1. Francis A. Drake
   + Saleta
   2. William Drake b. 1813, GA
      + Mary "Polly" Pauline Jones b. 1826 Midville, GA
        3a. Augustus Drake b. 1842 Midville, GA, d. Civil War
        3b. Adelaide Gray Drake b. 1845, Midville, GA
            + Avery Dye Jenkins b. Dec. 25, 1834
              4a. Florence Jenkins
              4b. Jerry Jenkins
              4c. Fannie Jenkins Nosworthy
              4d. Pinkie Jenkins Woodward
              4e. Virginia Jenkins Knight
              4f. Susie Jenkins Kelly
              4g. John Evans Jenkins
              4h. Robert Jenkins
              4i. Avery Augustus Jenkins b. March 13, 1883
                  + Julia Estelle Saxon 
                    5a. Marian Grace Jenkins b. Dec. 8, 1913 
                       + Harold Bruce Broome b. Jan. 28, 1908 
                         6a. Sandra Kay Broome Hoffman
                         6b. Linda Gale Broome b. Mar 13, 1942, Augusta,GA
                             + John Cecil Sundstrom b. Feb 3, 1944
                               7a. Stacey Lynne Sundstrom b. Feb. 2, 1968
                                   + Jeffrey Stewart Chadwell bMay 16,1963
                               7b. Bradley Walker Sundstrom
                         6c. Judith Moree Broome Stewart
                    5b. Pearl Jenkins Syms
                    5c. Marvin Jenkins
                    5d. Carl Rogers Jenkins
                    5e. Ruby Estelle Jenkins Cawley
                    5f. Lillian Jenkins Brigham
        3c. Henry Drake b. 1849, Midville, GA
        3d. Sarah Drake b. 1852, Midville, GA
        3e. Mary Elizabeth Drake b. 1858, Midville, GA

Due to the overlap of the William and Francis names, I am sure they fit in one
of your genealogies...but I need more info on them. It has been a pleasure
getting to know all of you.  Someone earlier said this is one of the best
lists, I would like to concur that statement!

Thanks Listmom for all the work andinformation you provide!!

Stacey Chadwell