Thomas DRAKE-Weymouth, Mass.

Date: Saturday, 13 March 1999 6:03

I have never posted on this list before, but have always enjoyed the
discussions and the links to other info. In response to the roll call, I
will trace my mother's family from the point of their arrival in America.

Starting with Thomas DRAKE, descendant of the Drakes of Ashe, who emigrated
to America in the 1600's.
Benjamin DRAKE, b. 1677, Weymouth, Mass. (Mar. Sarah POOL)
Benjamin DRAKE, b. 1700, Easton, Mass. (Mar. Elizabeth HEWITT)
Ephriam DRAKE, b. 1735, Easton, Mass. (Mar. Sarah TITUS)
Cornelius DRAKE, b.? (Date not in Ancestral File-Does anyone have a birth
date for him?) Mar. Silence (Sarah) WITHINGTON (also spelled WORTHINGTON in
my grandpas pedigree charts). Cornelius was born in Mass. but moved to NY.
Jacob DRAKE, b. 1814, Palermo, NY. (Mar. Flora HAYDEN)
Richard DRAKE, b. 1839, Palermo, NY. (Mar. Phebe Lovina BEECHER)-Richards
family moved from the East to the West in the early 1800's.
Richard and Phebe lived for a short time in Utah, them moved to Idaho-first
to Elba, then to settle the beautiful Teton Valley.
Fred Jacob DRAKE, b. 1874 in Malta, Ut. (Mar. Viola Josephing BOWLES)
Edgar Leroy DRAKE, my grandfather was born 1898 in Victor, Idaho.

I would encourage the Eastern DRAKES to visit the West side of the Tetons
the next time your vacation takes you to the Yellowstone/Jackson Hole area,
and experience the scenic wonder that my DRAKE ancestors came to homestead.

Terry Madsen
Salt Lake City, UT