Thomas Drake//daughter Tacy Drake?

Date: Saturday, 20 March 1999 2:20

Iím new to the Drake list. My husband descends from Amos Combs./Coombs
and Tacy Drake. This is per a manuscript written by a nephew of Amos Coombs,
William Franklin Coombs, M.D. in 1893. WF Coombs would have been a nephew to Amos Coombs and Tacy Drake. I have not found a marriage record between Amos and Tacy.

Amos Combs/Coombs b. abt. 1766 resided in Loudon Co., VA with his
father. He moved to Hardin Co., KY. (Itís possible that he was in Montgomery Co., VA
before he moved to Hardin Co., KY. I still have to look at some land records for
Montgomery Co., VA before Iím sure that the Amos in Montgomery Co., VA is my ďhusbandísĒ

Iíve been wondering if Tacy Drake could be a daughter of Thomas Drake
and Uriah Humphrey who also resided in Loudon Co., VA and then died in what is now Wood Co., WV.
According to Alvaro Gibbens in his book Gibbens-Butcher Genealogy,
Thomas Drake and Uriah had a daughter Teasy b. 01 September 1766 who married
Bailiss Combs moved to Montgomery Co., VA and then to Kentucky.

What Iím wondering of course, is if anyone on the list is researching
the family of Thomas Drake and Uriah, and whether or not, anyone knows of any
descendants of a Bailiss and Teasy Combs.

(Known children of Amos and Tacy Combs: Polly Coombs m. Israel
WilkesUra/Uriah Coombs b. 1792 m. Bennett Straughn; ; Thomas b. abt. 1795 m. his first
cousin Elizabeth Coombs; Samuel H. Coombs b. 1797 m. Susan Williams.)

Iíll be grateful for any help!
Deb Coombs