Samuel L. and Mary (Ostram) Drake

Date: Sunday, 21 March 1999 3:08

I'm looking for ANY information a Samuel L. Drake.  What I do know is:
Samuel L. was born in NY on or about  June 4th, 1800	
His wife Mary (Ostram) was also born in NY  on Feb. 20, 1810

Samuel and Mary were married at Peinfied NY on July 4th, 1836 by a Rev Home,
minister of the gospel.

All of  there childere were born in NY on:
Elkanah     May 19, 1837  @  East Bloomfield
Franklin	Aug 24, 1843
Mary		Jan. 11, 1842?
Warren H,	May 2, 1847
Amanda	May 22, 1847  d. 1848
Charles R.	Feb 21, 1848

They were located in Hopewell township, Ontario Co, NY in 1840.  I lost them
in the 1850 Census but found them again in 1860 in Fairfield township, Lenawee
Co, Michigan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,