Imla Drake m. Temperance McPherson

Date: 19 June 1999
My quest for Drakes began as a result of a pile of old letters that had at various times been found in my
grandmothers buffet and later on the dining room table in my parents house. From time to time we would pick
out a letter and attempt to read them. The handwriting was difficult to decipher and boredom quickly
ensued. Eventually, I found myself with some free time and a little more interest and made an
honest attempt to find out a little more. It turned out that the letters were to and from my gggrandfather,
Theodore Drake. Many were love letters to his then fiancee, Jennie McQuivey, others were written to his parents
during the time he spent as a soldier in the civil war.

At a family get together, I brought up the subject of the letters and this family, and as a result we recalled a
number of stories mygrandmother had told us about her family.
My favorite as a little girl was about my great-grandmother Carrie and her sisters, Frances and Nellie who had
all gone to college and then off to teach school in “indian country”.

These were the daughters of Theodore and Jennie. All present agreed that grandmother said the family was
from Virginia, North Carolina or there abouts. That did it! I was hooked. The following is a summary
of what I have compiled during the last three years.

1.  Imla Drake b. 1 May, 1751 Hunterdon Co., NJ  d. 3 Jan. 1826 Asbury, Warren Co., NJ
     m. Temperance McPherson b. 15 Oct, 1750  m. ?
	2. Samuel Drake b. 26 April, 1774 Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ  d. 31 March 1848
	     m. Catherina Hulshizer b. 14 Sept. 1775  m. abt. 1796
         	3. Rebecca b. 1 Feb, 1797
		    m. Osborn
		    m. Stewart
		3. Margaret b. 5 Nov. 1798
	                m.  Thomas Moffat
		3. Sarah b. 9 June, 1801  d. 1802
		3. John b. 19 Dec., 1803
		    m. Margaret Stewart
		3. Martin b. 19 May, 1806 Asbury, Warren Co., NJ       (my line)
		    m. Sophia S. Mcginley b. 1820 m. 1 Sept., 1842 
	                    4. Martha b. 1843 Washington Twp. Warren NJ
		        4. Theodore b. 29 Aug, 1844    “  d. 31 Jan., 1921  d. Charter Oak, Iowa
			m. Mary Jane (Jennie) Mcquivey b. 1852  m.  28 May, 1871
			5. Infant son (died at birth)
			5. Frances Mable b. 22 Aug. 1873
		                m. Thomas Duboise	6 Jan. 1915
			5. Nellie Maude b. 14 Feb. 1876
			    m. 1. Pierre Marsh
                                          2. Fred Brewster
			         3. Walter Cosgrove
			5. Carrie Lyle b. 3 April, 1884 Denison, IA
			    m. Albert Charles Wickwire 23 Sept. 1904
			5. Charles Pierre b. 27 Nov. 1888
			5. Dean b. 1889 d. 1902
		        4. Charles b.1847 Washington Twp. Warren Co., NJ
		        4. Caroline (Lina) b. 1848	      “
		        4. Tamsin (alt. Tamsen, Tamson) b. Nov. 1850
		3. Temperance b. 22 Nov. 1809 
		    m. Luther C. Carter ?
		3. Mary b. 22 Aug. 1812 NJ
		3. Samuel S.  b. 14 Jan. 1816 NJ
		    m. Susan Vliet , Villet?
		3. William 22 June, 1818 NJ
		    m. Rachel Axford
		3  David b. 9 June, 1821, NJ 
		    m. (Lucy Barr? Burdett?)
I know that the father of Imla was a Joseph Drake but have been unable to determine which Joseph.
Seems to have been an abundance of them during this time period. Other information I have culled from the
letters concern closely related (cousins, uncles, aunts?) persons in Ohio,Missouri, of
the most puzzling is from Theo to his brother Charles in Kentucky (don’t know where) in 1865. Charles
would have been abt. 18 and can’t figure out why he was there. Also, after the 1850 census in NJ,
Caroline, Martha and Tamsin vanished. Know they survived as Theo wrote to both from Georgia.
He had a nasty habit of writing individual letters to the family and putting them in one envelope addressed to
Martin.The Martin Drake Family moved from NJ to Beaver Dam Wisconsin in 1856 then to Clymen within
the first year (both in Dodge County). For some reason, some letters to Martin in 1864 were sent to
Oak Grove.Martin’s brother Samuel S., also relocated to WI about the same time, also brother David and
wife Lucy.

Spelling of Tamsin from letters, other documents list her with other spellings.
Still working on the letters and hope ther will be not only more clues for me, but some for others as well.