Nahum Humes Drake
married Carolyn Woods

Date: Monday, 3 May 1999 1:33

Hi Drakes,
Through this list I met a second cousin and lots of new family members.  The
internet is great, isn't it?

New information for Rita and others:

Apparently Grandma Elizabeth Fogerty was not the real grandmother, but the
aunt who was called "Grandma" by Donald Drake. At the LDS Family History
Center, I plugged in Elizabeth Fogerty and Drake and came up with that she
was married to Albert Drake, brother of Charles. Charles is supposed to be
the ancestor direct to Vern William.

Anyway, I found the following:

Nahum Humes DRAKE born 1836 Indiana
  sp-Carolyn WOODS b 1838 Avon, Fulton, IL
     Albert M DRAKE b 1862 IL
     Lucy DRAKE  b 1864 Avon, Fulton, IL
     Mary Cynthia DRAKE b 7 Jan 1865 Avon, Fulton, IL
     Eliza DRAKE B 1868 IL
     Charles DRAKE b 1870 IL
     Alice DRAKE b 1872 Avon, Fulton, IL
     Earl DRAKE b 1877 IL
     Israel DRAKE b 1879 Avon, Fulton, IL

This Albert M married Elizabeth Fogerty who helped raise Donald, and his
brother Charles, I think, was the father of Vern. If my brother is correct
that Albert was "Uncle Albert".

At least now we have names to research.

If you plug in the Woods line, we now go back to the 1400s.

Carole Rohrings