Samuel Drake b. 1805 Plymouth Devonshire Eng.

Date: Sunday, 2 May 1999 5:59

Dear Mr. Andrews,
This is either my good deed for the day or some silly nonsense, but 
if you have todo with the Drake website, here's a small bit of info. 
for it.  A Samuel Drake b. 1805 Plymouth Devonshire Eng.   
emigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1826. His descendants 
married into the Wood family and there are a lot of Drakes and 
Woods in a little tree book compiled on the Wood family of PEI.  
Just trying to be helpful,  
The book is a called "An Island Family" and was self-published I 
think . It was put out in about 1980.  I have no idea whether it is 
still available for sale, but the PEI folks would know, and it should 
be in a PEI archives.  
I hope this might be of use to someone. 

Sandra-Lynne Mallett