Francis Drake married Sarah Mc Carthy

Date: Tuesday, 25 May 1999 5:35

I am Francis J. Drake , Jr. and my father always said we were related to Sir
Francis Drake. I don't know.  My great uncle of the 19th century is supposed
to be Everett Everett of Massachusetts on my mother's side. I know little
more than that.
My lineage is as follows: 
Father : Francis Joseph Drake Born Aug 31, 1905 Jamaica Plains, MA.	
Mother : Estelle Anne Jule Born 26 Oct 1915 Portsmouth, NH
Father's father: Francis Drake  died April 7, 1907 Boston, MA.
Father's mother: Sarah Mc Carthy died 1963 Worchester, MA. Born 1867 Galway,

Father's grandmother & grandfather: unknown
Mother's mother : Anne Boulton, Manchester, England (orphaned/abandoned )
Mother's father : Willard Jule died 1957, born 1880

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 My father's father, Francis Drake,  was killed outside a
Boston bank in a bank robbery in April of 1907. My father's mother was Sarah
McCarthy from Galway, Ireland. She died at 96 yrs old in 1963 I believe. My
mother's father, Willard Jule died at age 77 in 1957. I never knew my
mother's mother but she was named Anne Boulton. Anne was named for the town
where she was found on a doorstep outside Manchester, England in the town of
   My father had said his grandfather was named Francis Drake also and the
name was a family name for as far back as anyone could remember. He would
never say it went to Sir but hinted he was told it did. He said he thought
his father or grandfather came from Essex, England. After reading all I
have, I doubt the relationship goes to Sir Francis. I have no other
relatives on my father's side that bear the name of Drake. My father died on
March 23, 1983 and my mother on Jan 10, 1990.
That may help in the inquiries section. My father  had cousins that lived in
Worchester or Woburn, MA. named Kiley. 
    Thank for the site. I am not into genealogy ( spelling ? ) but I find it
interresting to know some of my background.

Frank Drake